Welcome to Ysgol Y Waun's Eco-council! 

Eco-council are working together to improve the school environment. We hope to decrease Ysgol Y Waun's eco footprint by promoting environmental awareness as part of school life! 
As an Eco Team we have come up with a Eco Moto to help encourage others to be as Eco Friendly as they can.

Everybody help us to,

Connect to help the environment

Only use what you need


Take time to recycle

Earth belongs to us all

All working together

Make a difference 

Youth Kop 2023
Our year 6 Eco council represented our school at the Youth Kop 2023.We had a great informative day. We met Ken Skates and the Plaid Cymru leader, we had lots of opportunities to ask questions about what they are planning to do to help the environment. We took part in some workshops and found out all about preserving our local nature and deforestation. It got the eco team really thinking of what we can do to help our wonderful environment. 
Toy exchange. 
Did you know that more than 40 million toys were throw away last year? And out of that 40 million, 13 million toy ended up on landfill sites. What a terrible waste! The eco team wanted to put a stop to this, we organised a toy exchange, what a great success it was. It was amazing to see everyone get onboard to reuse and recycle! A huge diolch for all the toy donations to make this possible :)