Dosbarth Elder

Mr. Evans elder class

Hello, we are Elder class, and we are very small with Mr. Davies and myself (Mr. Evans). We have different ages and abilities we work with.

What is our goal in the class is to make each child able to develop knowledge and understanding at their pace as well as developing their self-confidence?


Over the year we will be developing our skills in many areas of the curriculum as half termly blocks (see below).

September-October half term science the water cycle, topic different continents, welsh looking at weather, ICT online safety/word document, RE Buddhism, history of Chirk, geography look at maps. Improve the playground, wellbeing and history of Chirk.


October- December half term science Forces, topic recycling, welsh patterns, ICT power point, RE Christianity, History of Brittan, geography parts of UK.


January- February half term science healthy eating, topic space (primary resources history), welsh time, ICT coding, RE Muslim, history different continents, geography


February-April half term science flowers, topic wild west, welsh asking and answering questions, ICT coding, RE Sik, history America, geography different state of America.


May-July half term science shadows, topic India (primary resources around the world geography), welsh songs, ICT coding, RE Hinduism, History of Wales, geography welsh landscape.


The work the children do is posted on Seesaw for their parents to view.